parade 39: day 2/space gallery / by Philip Tarlow

DETAIL:  parade 39   48x48" at 3:20pm

DETAIL: parade 39  48x48" at 3:20pm

3:20pm update: this is what the painting looked like 10 minutes ago. it excites me how this one is developing. the image is of kids attending the opening of the makers space in alamosa, which is called steamship. they were engaging with the equipment, what little of it there is right now. painting their clothing & hats almost feels oriental. the stripes, the patterns.....

parade 39 at 3:17pm

parade 36    48x48" in a hardwood frame

2:33pm update: yesterday i temporarily placed parade 36  in a hardwood frame we have sitting in our living room. this shows, i think, how much these paintings will gain by being framed. the wooden supports on the bottom serve to center the painting in the frame, since it's not attached permanently. 

we have dinner guests tomorrow night, so i removed all the abstract pieces hanging in our open plan living room areas and hung only parade series paintings.

1:30pm update: at work on parade 39

7am sky looking west

8 am update: may is already a record breaker. we're approaching 3" of precip and we're only half way through the month. today is, once again overcast, chilly and threatening rain at our 8,000 ft. elevation & snow above 11k ft. 

today, saturday is egg day, when our friend judy shows up with her truck full of freshly laid eggs in crestone. she doesn't have that many, so you've got to show up as close to 10 as possible. they are spectacular eggs! so i'll get to the studio to begin working on parade 39 around 11. as usual, i'll post pics as the work progresses.

space gallery, on santa fe in denver, colorado

i received news yesterday that i'm now officially a member of space gallery in denver, which will be the only gallery representing my work in the state of colorado. i'm excited: it's a beautiful large space with a very interesting stable of artists, and the director, mike burnett, is a cool guy who really understands painting. more about this later.