the exquisite delight of drinking matcha tea from dan's bowl/"parade 37" completed/cutting canvas for the next 8 parade series paintings / by Philip Tarlow

4:33pm update: i stretched up a smallish, 40x12" canvas, made the drawing and am ready to start working on it tomorrow first thing. i'll have a shorter day since i have to leave for moffat (16 miles) at 2:30. this one is based on a series of photos from above i shot recently at the opening of the alamosa makers space: STEAMSHOP. we helped with the planning of the facility, which just opened a few weeks ago, and will provide a space and tools, such as a 3D printer for anyone in Alamosa who wants to make stuff. this particular image is of a couple of kids who are making stuff. (stuff means robots, etc)

10am update: a-h-h-h, the indescribable pleasure of drinking my morning matcha tea from dan's bowl. yesterday i spoke of dan's adventures at the peak of poncha pass and how, while having dinner with he and lilly, he gifted me a ceramic bowl he had made in crestone. this morning i used my japanese whisk to froth the tea in his bowl and drank it while cutting the remains of my new roll of artfix portrait linen for the next 8 parade paintings, and listening to bach's cello suites as played by pablo casals. shivers of delight vibrated through my body. the sun has finally emerged after days of dark skies and stormy weather, with a record snowfall. 


if andreas embirikos, the late great greek surrealist poet were here (and he IS) he would understand. and he would look at me with eyes wide open, eyebrows slightly raised, and declare "ΝΑΙ!!! ΝΑΙ ΦΙΛΙΠΠΕ. ΤΟ ΜΠΟΛ ΑΥΤΟ ΕΝΑΙ ΥΠΕΡΟΧΟ!! ΒΟ-Ο-Ο-ΟΧ!!!" WHICH MEANS "YES!!! YES PHILIP. THAT BOWL IS EXCEPTIONAL!! and then he might have made the sound, one of his made-up words he spoke with his son leonidas, which meant super-excellent-fantastic-exquisite: V-O-O-OCH!!! for more about embirikos, visit my "story" page and scroll down.

parade 37 seems resolved. i'll know as the days progress. but, for now, i'm declaring it complete. here are some photos, appropriately shot from above, of my studio as it appears this morning, with parade 37 hanging on my east wall.

and now, i will prepare for the next parade painting in the series.