ron's gift/continuing work on parade 35, 60"x60," oil on portrait linen / by Philip Tarlow

4:45 UPDATE: i'm stopping for the day. i just calculated that this is the longest i've spent on a parade series painting. i began this one march 15th. 

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some years ago while visiting the gallery in houston, ron gremillion, founder of gremillion & co. fine art, gave me a gift. it was this small hand crafted sketch book, with a beautiful cover and heavy, archival paper. during that period, i was using watercolor to make small paintings out our east and west facing living room windows. since a single page was a bit small, and the whole point was to capture the extraordinary skies we see almost every day, i decided to use the entire space by turning the book sideways, painting on the front of one page and the back of the next. below are 2 of these little watercolors, which remind me of my deep friendship with ron, and of his generosity.

on the left: the view looking west, towards the san juan mountains. on the right: the view east, towards the sangre de christo peaks.

9:22am update: i'm running a bit late today, so i'll post updates to my continuing work on parade 35 once i get to the studio. this is the painting as i left it yesterday afternoon: parade 35 is 60x60" and the imagery is derived from photographs i took in new york's metropolitan museum, my home away from home. we are overdue for a visit to NYC. i'm excited that we'll be visiting at the end of june into early july. we'll also be visiting with friends in great barrington, mass., not far from where i went to camp as a kid. you can read about my adventures on the "story" page of my dropdown menu bar. the berkshires, for this reason, are also a kind of home away from home.