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BELOW: my son dimitri just emailed a photo of this new painting by my 10 year old grandson philip, who lives in athens, greece. he has made some discoveries in patterning and color that i can learn from. elements of abstraction are married with realist components. i especially love the rays of light emitting from the lamp.

next to philip's painting is a modigliani portrait of jean cocteau with interesting similarities.

4PM update: below is parade 35 at the end of my painting day today. i'm deliberately progressing slowly so as not to disturb the transcendent, dream-like quality this one has. it will probably be complete by the weekend. 

12:51PM update: 

below, a look at the work i've done so far today on parade 35 and, on the right, my early afternoon snack, sitting dangerously close to my palette! 


the latest news is not great. read this dailykos post to learn some of where things are at. I have a direct interest in what transpires in greece because, as many of you know, i lived there for 15 unbroken years, speak and write the language and my son, theatre producer dimitris tarlow and 2 grandkids live there. copy & paste this link into your browser to read the article:

to visit the english speaking version of dimitri's theatre site:

8AM update:   T.S.ELIOT

some mornings upon waking i take a book from my bedside table and open it at random.this morning it was selectsed poems: t.s.eliot. i opened to page 42: whispers of immortality. and my eyes were drawn to these final 4 stanzas:

now that you've read the final stanzas, here are the first four: