parade 35, the painting begins........... / by Philip Tarlow

4:10PM updatehome is where one starts from.   t.s.eliot

a small, insignificant figure grasping a camera, with a mid-size back pack, he dissects the space of the MET. in all my realist paintings of late, this is my favorite moment. when i enter my studio tomorrow morning, he will be waiting, camera in hand, backpack slung over his shoulder, walking stick (or monopod?) jutting from his side like a samurai sword. the space, the vast space of the MET trembles, pregnant. alone in the center of a square white surface, he exists now in paint, one foot in front of the other. by now, 7 years hence, one imagines his bald spot has spread, his gait slowed, his shoulders hunched over just a bit more.

1:21PM update:here is the very earliest stage of the painting. i started in the center, which is an unusual move. that's just where my hand wanted to go. i'm going to have a bite and then work some more.






11:00Am update: the stretched canvas now sits on the easel, the colors have been squeezed onto the palette, the first brush stroke is about to happen on the 60x60" painting of the MET interior seen from above.

images of the early stages will be posted as they become available.