parade 28 is complete; beginning parade 30 / by Philip Tarlow

so here's where i'm stopping today. thus far, it's a rather dramatic, somewhat alex katz-ian image, with deliciously painterly details. are you having fun, philip? i am. are you getting ideas for future paintings in the series? uh-huh.

a grey, windy, raw day it is. snow is falling on the peaks and the piñons are bending in the wind. mikela and i both have a lot of work to get done before september.

stage 2  parade 30  12"x60"

2:07 update:  below, stage 1 of parade 30 which is 12x60" i'll keep working and post updated photos later this afternoon.

the completed parade 28  24x48"

when i entered my studio this morning, after being away for 2 days, i confirmed with my first glance that parade 28 was resolved. so i'll be preparing to start work on parade 30, which is already stretched and is 12"x60". the imagery derived from photos taken in downtown denver 8 or 9 years ago, of a street artist drawing in pastels on the sidewalk. more a bit later, once i've begun painting.