the studio/parade 28 continued.... / by Philip Tarlow

3:21pm update: so the white space, as i talked about  this morning is gone. in it's place, a flurry of brushwork which, for me, hasn't yet coalesced. almost, but not quite yet. and the shadow on the floor area on the left doesn't read as a shadow, so it sits too high in the picture plane. 

it was somewhat daunting, listening to serra in the interview below, answering charlie rose's question about why he chose sculpture over painting. when he first saw velasquez paintings, he said, he thought "well i'm never going to surpass that." and then he goes on to talk about redefining sculpture; such a lofty vision, even charlie rose was taken aback! as he himself says, he's an arrogant SOB. he also happens to be, in my opinion, an arrogant genius. if you want to watch the video, know that it lasts for 53 minutes.

i'm exhausted, mostly because i didn't sleep well last night. so i'm going to stop, clean my brushes, and begin to prepare the video equipment for our trip to edwards, where we're piloting an early, non-clickable version of actionlab with a group of brilliant middle school kids.

12:47pm update: i tried listening to a couple of art-related youtube videos while painting. boring. alex katz:boring; a ted talk on art in education: EXTREMELY boring; then i started discovering much more interesting stuff. here are a few examples:


parade 28, as it looked yesterday afternoon.

11:23am update: just preparing to continue work on parade 28, with a focus on the upper right quadrant. eliminating the remaining blank white canvas will immediately give this painting a more resolved feel. the trick will be to accomplish this in a painterly manner, placing that above any concerns about content.