starting a new parade series painting/ continuing yesterday's gorky post / by Philip Tarlow

4:20 pm update: here's the current state of parade 28, at of the end of my work day. i've learned a lot from the previous painting, parade 35 which is already showing up, so i'm excited to see where it goes on friday. we need to be in alamosa for actionlab meetings tomorrow. i love juggling 2 very different things; one always adds to the other in unexpected ways! and don't neglect to check out the piece i just posted about my son dimitri and his career in theatre. go to my story page & scroll half way down.

2:16 pm update: below is stage 1 of parade 28, 24x48" it's based on a series of photos i shot in the MET, NYC in 2008. it was shot from above, but for a different angle than the previous painting, parade 35

 NOTE: this morning i posted a new piece on my son dimitri, who is a well known and respected theatre owner/producer/director in athens, greece. click on the "story" item in the menu bar above and scroll down to read it.

8:45 am update: just now i added to yesterday's post concerning my attraction to the work of archile gorky. scroll down if you'd like to read it; it's located at the end of yesterday's post.

this morning, once i get to my studio, i'll start work on a new parade painting. since i stretched 2 canvases, i'll decide once i get there which one will come first, and then see if i want to implement yesterday's idea of working on 2 in tandem. more once i get to my studio.

we have another red flag warning today, with extreme fire danger and high winds gusting to about 40-45 mph. there is blowing dust and the mountains to the east and west, normally crystal clear at this 8,000 ft. altitude, are masked by the dust completely.