final tweaks on "parade 35" 60"x60"/ mining the details: "parade 29" 32"x32" / by Philip Tarlow

i think what you see below is the completed parade 35. i'll know for sure tomorrow morning. all the statuary was re-painted; a shadow was added to the rear wall, plus various other minor adjustments. this painting now POPS and is rich with mystery. it will definitely be selected for my nov. 5th show.

the image derives from photos i shot in 2008 in the METROPOLITAN MUSEUM, NYC; my home away from home; the museum where i have learned the most about the history of art.

TOMORROW: my thoughts and feelings about the great 20th c. painter, archile gorky

the completed PARADE 35 60x60"  oil on portrait linen

1:13pm update: below are a few details of the figures in parade 35, which i'm currently working on.2nd row left: todays lunch=hard boiled local eggs, ortiz anchovies, tomato, red onion, bariani extra virgin first pressing olive oil from n. california, cilantro, toasted prussian rye.

 my tweaks are proving thus far to be more substantial than expected. pics soon...........

10:39am post:i climb 40 flights of stairs every morning as exercise. i see parade 29 head-on every time i descend. today i was admiring some of the details, so i shot them with my iphone and posted them. the complete painting is on the upper left. each of these details gives me ideas for a possible future painting. it's kind of a way of tricking my own mind into thinking differently. so i may try this and include the resulting additions to the series in my november 5th solo show at gremillion & co. fine art, houston.

i'll post updates of my final tweaks to parade 35 as they become available, later this afternoon.