back in MY studio continuing "parade 35"/ PERFORMANCE OF "ALMOST MAINE" / by Philip Tarlow

parade 35 at the end of my work day today

4:10 PM update: i've been moving between painting, downloading images and video we shot yesterday in alamosa at the opening of the makers space we've been helping to create: steamshop, and editing video shot last week at an actionlab team meeting in denver. kind of a nutty day, but i think i've got parade 35 close to resolution. it's good timing because tomorrow afternoon the missing stretcher bars will be delivered, allowing me to begin work on the next painting in my parade series. 


                FRIDAY                                          NOON TODAY                                       4 PM TODAY

NOON UPDATE: following a one day break, i'm back working on parade 35. as i had anticipated, being away from the painting fro 24 hours has allowed me to view it with fresh eyes. felt ready to add the final grouping of figures: the couple on the far right. they balance out the axis of the composition, which is like a four pointed star, and add mystery to the merce cunningham-like, seemingly random meanderings of the figures populating the painting. they are punctuated by the seven sculptures, which will be there long after they are out of the picture plane, out of the MET.

ALMOST MAINE performed 4/10 and 11at the crestone charter school:  thursday night we attended a dress rehearsal and friday the first performance of almost maine at the crestone charter school. it was a great choice of play, beautifully acted by these young non-professionals. their innocence and enthusiasm were a breath of fresh air.