"make it new"/some late-day tweaks to parade 29/preparing for parade 32 / by Philip Tarlow

3:49PM update: rarely do i start painting so late, but after looking at parade 29 for hours and while stretching the canvas for parade 32, i began to get where i need to go with this one. yesterday's version, on the left, was too flat and didn't give enough of a sense of space. while i feel it's improved during the short period of time i worked on it just now, it needs more. i want it to pop more, to be more dramatic in a way the other parade series paintings don't. i'll see in the morning.

12:39PM UPDATE: i'm preparing to stretch the canvas for parade 32, 24"x48." at the same time i'm evaluating parade 29, which as i said yesterday needs a few critical tweaks, and deciding if i want to engage today or not.


make it new was ezra pound's summing up of confucius. my old friend, the late henry geldzahler, in his little 4"x3"book looking at pictures, published by hanuman press in 1990, says: to make it new, one must be in touch with a tradition while at the same time knowing exactly who you are and what your own time is about.

am not yet sure what today in my studio will be about. i'll let you know once i do.