leaving for denver; one more look at parade 36; tracking it's progress / by Philip Tarlow

                         3 STAGES OF PARADE 36, 48"X48" OIL ON PORTRAIT LINEN


before heading up to denver (a 200 mile drive, mostly at 10,000 ft.) i stopped in my studio to print out a document for our actionlab team meeting tomorrow, and to evaluate the painting i've been working on.

it's good, but it needs something that will make it pop. i don't know yet what that is, but then again i never do. it's a kinesthetic experience that happens once i squeeze out my colors and pick up my brushes. it's always important to keep reminding myself "this is NOT the METROPOLITAN MUSEUM!" this ia a series of marks on a two dimensional surface. what makes it "work" is not whether or not it brings to mind the MET. what DOES make it work.....well that's another whole story, and right now we need to get on the road.