continuing work on "parade 36" 48x48"/ a date for my next show in houston/thoughts by matisse / by Philip Tarlow

4:27pm update: i think it's on a good track, but it's not there yet. we drive to denver tomorrow, so i'll have a 2 day break and come back to it with fresh energy on tuesday morning. as i've said before in my posts, artists whose work i know well but haven't looked at or thought about for years sometimes appear unexpectedly. in this case, it's daumier, who i was never that fond of, with the exception of a few paintings. his treatment of the figure has somehow entered the picture.


1:39pm update:  the current state of parade 36 is on the right. as you will notice, some of the areas of the canvas that were still the color of the white, primed linen have been painted in. i'm going to take a little meal break while casting glances at the painting and then do one more round of work before stopping for the day. if you flip back and forth between the two versions, you can form your own opinion about how much white space, if any,  could be beneficially left in the finished painting.

"one must know how to maintain childhood's freshness upon contact with objects, to preserve it's naivety. one must be a child all one's life even while a man, take one's strength from the existence of objects-and not have imagination cut off by the existence of objects."

henri matisse

i am preparing to continue work on parade 36 with these words from matisse in mind. here's how my studio looked when i walked in this morning:

yesterday i received confirmation of the opening date for my next solo show at gremillion & co. fine art, which is: NOVEMBER 5, 2015. i hope you can make it!

matisse on new york:

"the first time i saw america, i mean new york, at 7 o'clock in the evening, this gold and black block in the night, reflected in the water, i was in complete ecstasy. someone near me on the boat said: it's a spangled dress, which helped me to arrive at my own image. new york seemed to me like a gold nugget."