mikela's arrangements / by Philip Tarlow

in about an hour we're driving into alamosa for a meeting with the librarian from adams state university about plans to collaborate, involving our educational startup. tomorrow through thursday we're in denver for actionlab360 team strategy meetings & a few doctor appointments.

BELOW: mikela's mom ceil, who i never met, was very good at making arrangements of the stones and various objects, many chinese in their collection. mikela inherited this inclination and talent. she created these arrangements in our 2 living rooms; one facing west, with a view of the vast san luis valley and the san juan mountains beyond; the other facing east, with a spectacular view of the sangre de christo peaks, rising up to 14,300 ft., and within walking distance of our house.

below are a few of her arrangements, which change regularly, especially after a clean up. if you make them full screen and mouse over, i've written short descriptions about each one. bottom right is a temporatry arrangement i made yesterday while sitting on our couch to meditate. my new ball watch sits in a ceramic bowl created by houston ceramic artist susan watt and painted by me.