starting work on parade 36/luxe, calme et volupté / by Philip Tarlow

4:50pm update: below is as far as i went with parade 36. each new painting has it's own life, it's own presence, and draws different things out of me, stretches me. moving around the surface with my brushes is, at the same time, provocative, pleasurable........i've never painted the interior of the MET, which has been like my second home. i've shot countless photos from this particular vantage point because whenever i see it, i get very excited about it, visually. so i'll be able to work more on it tomorrow and then i' have to be out of the studio through thursday, and can resume work friday 3/27.

by the way, the orange bits outside the big windows are from christo's orange banner event in central park.

2:40pm update: here's where parade 36 is at as of now. continuing work as long as my energy remains high. the sense of the vastness of the MET hasn't yet shown up. patience.

1:34 pm update: i'm with matisse, i realized as i was working on parade 36luxe, calme et volupté! (luxury, peace and pleasure)........that's what it's all about!

12:58pm update: early stages of parade 36

9:07am update: i'm ready to start work on parade 36 as soon as i get to the studio. i'll post pics of my progress as they become available.

BELOW: left to right- parade 36 drawing on the stretched canvas, ready to paint; parade 34 newly hung at the top of our stairs;parade 34 detail; crestone peak yesterday, after a fresh snow.