aboriginal musings/prep for "parade 36" 48"x48" / by Philip Tarlow

11:49am update: this morning before and after meditating, i looked through burnum burnum's aboriginal australia, which i've mentioned in previous posts. his portrayal of the aboriginal culture, which dates back at least 30,000 and possibly 40,000 years, is more authentic than most of what's out there.

i feel connected to them. about 10 years ago i heard the pitjantjatjara language being spoken on an NPR interview with elders lee and leah brady. as soon as i heard it, i knew we must visit the people who spoke this language.about a year later we led a group of about 18, including 2 teenagers, into the australian outback, to the pitjantjatjara land, in the very center of the continent.

that experience has remained with us, and it's the only place we've been, and we've travelled a lot, to which we yearn to return. the culture of these tribes has been decimated, as most of you know. the historical photos below reflect a few aspects. 

12:01pm update: i'm about to launch into preparations for parade 36, which will be 48x48." the imagery is drawn form photos taken form above, as with the rest of the series, but this time it's the metropolitan museum of art in new york, rather than MOMA. by the end of the day, i should have the canvas ready for painting, which i'll start tomorrow morning. pics of my prep work as thy become available.