completing parade 24/ palette prep / by Philip Tarlow

2:36PM update: below is the current state of parade 24, which i feel is now resolved.  below that are some details and a look at the process of painting.

the painting, which measures 48"x48," has a strong presence in person. the frozen moment; the ambiguity of the interaction between the 2 figures facing one another; the relatively large area of "empty space;" the subtle, all important variations in the floor area and the prominence of painterly brush work all contribute to the plasticity of the surface, and a feeling of something remembered. something at the edges of one's memory.....

11:04 update: i try whenever possible to use yesterday's oil colors, mostly still fresh, by lifting them off individually with my palette knife (left image)  & placing them on a fresh paper palette, then supplementing the colors that have been completely used.

now that i've had my matcha tea & toast, i'm ready to jump in. pics when available in a few hours.

BELOW: the current state of parade 24 before resuming work.