looking back: "the square, painia" 1979 / by Philip Tarlow

5pm update: just back an hour ago from denver and edwards. our meetings were exceptional. our team members are making really great contributions to the product, and it's looking like we'll be in shape to start piloting at a number of colorado schools in september. 

in edwards we continued our consulting with the middle school teachers around their first experiment with project based learning, and with the students, who are creating their first ever projects, which they'll present at a school wide event in may. considering they are pioneers in this  arena, and have no road map, they're doing great. we've scheduled a run-through for next month.

spending time with these 10 to 12 year olds is always exhilarating, and this visit was no exception. from re-creating a space ship environment in a storage room to creating robots and videotaping the process, their projects are stretching them. they work in teams, are learning to collaborate while creating solutions to all the problems they encounter. 

parade 34  in it's current state

tomorrow, i'll be back in the studio continuing work on parade 34, on the right

BELOW: a look back at a painting from 1979, the last year of my 15 year greek period. it's painted in egg tempera on board, as were many of my paintings during that period. sometimes egg tempera paintings incur damage from a fungus, which you can see in the sky and mountains. 

the square, painia  7x11" egg tempera on board