from denver/ completed parade paintings currently hanging in our house / by Philip Tarlow

9:49 update: BELOW- a photo taken recently of the completed parade 22 and parade 24 hanging in our west living room. the first group of completed parade paintings will ship to houston sometime in the next month to be cataloged and shown to clients during the period leading up my solo show in november.

below: parade 26 & 29 hanging in our east living room

we had very productive meetings in golden last night, during which we were able to begin to define the chief characteristics of our educational startup, and sketched out a more ambitious development timeline than we had imagined possible. we left with our heads spinning!

today we drive to edwards to consult with the teachers at the middle school around project based learning and the progress the students are making in developing their projects, which they'll present in may. driving in the ski areas is always dicey at this time of year, but we should be ok today and tomorrow afternoon when we drive home.

it's always a terrific experience when i re-enter my studio, even after only 3 days away from a painting i'm working on.