continuing parade 34/ looking down our stairs/today's song/a visit from gorky / by Philip Tarlow

3:28pm UPDATE: below you see parade 34 at the end of my work day. i'm taking it slow with this one, as that's what it's asking me to do. 

archile gorky: do some research & check out his beautiful, heart rending story

every so often, one of the artists i love and have studied visits me in my studio. you have to pay careful attention to notice. some of you undoubtedly are now thinking "tarlow's gone off the deep end." but, if you look at the painting on row 3, left, you will see certain affinities with the armenian-american painter archile gorky (1904-48) born: vostanic maniac adoian. he was a tremendous influence on his friend, the better known deKooning. during this period in the early to mid-'40's, which is my favorite, his biomorphic forms, gorgeous brush work and warm earth colors are close to my heart. i get where he was coming from.

the last thing i was expecting was that, in this painting of a big green helicopter suspended high above the museum visitors at MOMA, his energy would come forth. i would say this is an as yet untapped aspect of myself, my visual self, that has found fertile ground to spring forth.

tomorrow to denver and the on to the wonderful middle school kids in edwards before driving home wednesday. i'll resume work thursday morning. i'll try, in the mean time to post on this site while on the road.

parade 34 as it looked at the end of my painting day, sunday 3/15/15

the view looking down our stairs at 10:00am this morning

this was the dramatic lighting on our stairs this morning. there's probably enough in this area of our house, especially when mikela is standing or sitting downstairs, to paint for the rest of my life. 

north crestone creek in early november, 2014

i'm preparing to resume work on parade 34 in a few minutes. pics later in the day. the current state is above.


it's a beautiful early spring day today, and before you know it, i'll be back at north crestone creek painting plein air. i'm anxious to see how the parade series will affect what i do this season, which runs from mid to late april through early november.