starting work on parade/"unexpected symbols..." 34: 32"x78" / by Philip Tarlow

4:10PM update: below is stage 2 of parade 34. scroll down to the 2PM update to read more. that's it for today. i'll work more on it tomorrow, before leaving for denver and edwards on Monday. 

felix fénéon wrote the following about toulouse lautrec in february of 1893:

"through a style of drawing which is not intended to copy reality but is rather a set of signs which suggest it, he immobilizes life in unexpected symbols." 

2PM update: below is stage 1 of parade 34. the figures seen from above blur into one another, creating a daumier-esque or perhaps vuillard-esque mass of inter-tangled shapes; a web of ambiguiities provoking ones imagination and tickling ones past crawly caterpillar memories. as yet, the straight lines of the green helicopter haven't entered the picture, lest you be lulled into an amorphously organic stupor!

just now starting work on parade 34, which is 32x78" and contains the same green helicopter that appears in parade 29, but from a different perspective. pics of stage one a bit later in the afternoon.