tweaking parade 29/living with art / by Philip Tarlow

2:27PM update: on the right, row 1: after today's changes. left: before the changes.

row 2: these are the two figures i worked on, but i worked on many other areas as well. if you click on the images and make them full screen, flip back & forth between the images on row 1 to discern the differences.

11:52AM update: below are the 2 areas i'll be working on this morning. on the left, although this is a beautiful passage, and could actually stand by itself as a painting, the sort of nondescript figure in the lower center quadrant, which is a grey-ish color will be better defined, and on the right, the figure on the right, whose upper body is loosely brushed in, will gain color and definition. on row 2: the painting as is, before doing any work today.

9AM update: this morning it's overcast. today is trash day, so i had to get the trash out before 9, when the truck arrives to pick it up. now that it's not so cold, i kind of like getting out early. i stopped by my studio to pick up the trash and had a chance to have a brief look at parade 32, which i worked on yesterday. it seems resolved, so once i get to work, i'll probably go back to parade 29, the one with the green helicopter suspended over the MOMA visitors, for some tweaks i've been thinking about.

BELOW: is parade 25, completed last month. while lying on one of our couches, i'm looking at it  hanging to my left, living with it for about a month, i sometimes feel i could take it further. maybe i'll bring it back & do more work on it; always a risky thing. that's one of the things about living with art. for me, the artist who painted it, i get a chance to see it in different lights. the other parade series paintings i've hung in the house just keep getting better. this one, while i totally enjoy it, keeps nudging me, calling to me. 

parade 25  32"x78" oil on portrait linen

more later, once i'm in the studio.. .