late post today: STUDY FOR A COMMISSION/ new watch / by Philip Tarlow

today we went to salida, 60 miles north of crestone for a doctors appointment. on the way and over a light lunch, we did some very productive brainstorming around our educational product, actionlab360. a one day break often is a catalyst for each of us and allows us to bring a fresh energy to micelle's work in her office and mine in my studio. tomorrow, back to work.

ON THE RIGHT: a 48"x32" study in oil on linen hanging in our guest room.  it's part of a number of studies i made about 4 years ago for a commission by a client in houston. she has a large collection of pins she bought at the athens olympics, and had a master cabinet maker construct an elegant wood box to house her collection, which would be decorated inside and out with small paintings based upon minoan art. 





YESTERDAY a new watch i ordered was delivered, and today was the first day i wore it. it's made by ball and is called the ball engineer master II GMT diver. it has an automatic movement and tritium gas tubes. they emit light for about 25 years, making the watch very easy to read at night. it's COOL!