a day off from painting/looking back a year: 3/3/14 collage & one today / by Philip Tarlow

4PM update: on the right, a collage made on march 3, 2014. this 26x26cm. collage is one of a series which can be found under the drop down menu "works.....recent collages." it incorporates elements of a vintage animé book, drawing riffs on my plein air paintings,pieces of used paper palettes, and more.

and on the left, one that unexpectedly popped out a few minutes ago. i hadn't made a collage in months, and was suddenly possessed by an irresistible urge as i prepared to stretch the 32x32" parade 29. i don't know yet what to make of it. less discreet, elegant white space, more fiery, sexual energy. less of the observer; more full-on, full page, in your face moves. it's 6"x12"  

i envision a show with a selection of this work in the next year.

1:02PM update: i'm taking a day off from work on parade 24, mainly because i didn't have a good night sleep & i'm tired. so i plan on stretching the canvas for my next parade series painting, and organizing the pile of papers on my desk.