beginning parade 25/dan's maps / by Philip Tarlow

3:31PM update: i'm fried & the light is fading fast, so i'm stopping. the painting, already rather dramatic in it's composition, will become even more so once the serra sculpture enters the picture plane on the right.

on row 3: today's palette and some of my favorite flesh tone & earth colors. different brands excel in certain colors. so the willliamsburg italian pozzuoli earth for example is unique in it's richness. i must admit, however, that part of my attraction is that williamsburg oil paints are made in brooklyn, not far from where i was born, in crown heights.

1:11PM update: here are the first shots of my progress on parade 25: two figures descending a staircase at MOMA. as i paint them, i'm running the entire space of the 32x78" painting through my body and feeling the relationship of these figures to the whole. and now, back to work while i still have juice.

this morning i'm going to begin work on parade 25, which is based on the above photo, shot in 2008 at MOMA, with a serra sculpture on the right.. pics of stage one as they become available, later in the day.

parade 23, which i tweaked yesterday, has been hung in the house and we're evaluating it to determine whether it's resolved or not.

yesterday evening we had dinner with our friend dan. see my 1/25 post, "what is a mensch?" for more about dan. he gifted me part of his collection of vintage maps, the oldest going back to 1930, mostly of walking trails in the northeast. they are absolutely fantastic, and i'll be cutting them up and using them in new collages, which is why he gave them to me. some have hand written notes, which makes them all the more attractive to me as material for my collages, since there's a story involved. we may never know the details, but these beautiful maps are infused with these personal stories nonetheless.