"a brush with nature"/continuing work on parade 25/kristen wiig's moves / by Philip Tarlow

parade 25 at 2:00 PM

the painting as i left it yesterday afternoon

1:58PM update: at work on parade 25. i may have to call it a day; my bout of food poisoning last night has caught up with me! the win is that it allows me space and time to contemplate the white space and how much of it i want to allow to be part of the final painting.

with the in-process parade 25 just after arriving in my studio

11:52AM (MST) update: i'm jumpin' in guys! some fresh ginger tea & i'm off & running. (read about last night's food adventure below)..........

did anyone who watched the grammies last night notice kristen wiig's incredible moves as a member of sia's dance group? she combined her signature, masterful SNL body language with her natural understanding of sia's intention in the piece to produce an inspiring performance. you can watch it on youtube.


 i walked over the melting snow to my studio this morning a bit unsteady on my feet. ate some past sell-date feta last night and paid the price all night long. so after i meditate. i'l decide whether i'm in shape to continue work on parade 25, or maybe it would be smarter to continue prep for the next 3-4 paintings in the series of larger parade paintings....

i was looking through a brush with nature (published in 1999 by the national gallery in london in conjunction with the exhibition of the gere collection of landscape oil sketches) yesterday over my omelette, and came across this stunning plein air oil sketch by 19 c. french landscape painter, closson. if you read the text, you'll understand a bit more about why it looks unfinished, an aesthetic i have felt drawn to in my own work for decades.

i'm creating this post on sunday, 2/8 but will post it monday morning, 2/9, which is why it says "continuing work on parade 25."