yesterday's drawing/resolving parade 23 / by Philip Tarlow

3:56PM update:  top row left: current state of parade 23. and on the right, the previous state. as you will see if you look at each one full screen, i made quite a few additions. below that are 12 details of the current state. so i think mikela and i will carry it over to the house, hang it and live with it for a few days to evaluate. right now i'm stretching one of the canvases i made a drawing on, and will start that painting tomorrow.

10:42AM: yesterday i completed this drawing on linen for parade 26, 12x60". i love these long narrow shapes, and you will find many of them if you explore this site. this one may be the next parade painting i make, starting tomorrow.

today, once i meditate, i'm going to begin work on resolving parade 23. once i've completed work this afternoon, mikela and i will carry it over to the house to live with it for a few days and evaluate. i'll post pics of the resolved (?) painting when they become available, a bit later in the day. 

by the way, it's another clear sunny warmish day here in the baca grande, adjacent to the tiny town of crestone. the snow on our unpaved, rocky 1000 foot driveway is fast melting, creating large puddles and an abundance of mud. we are aware of and grateful for what a blessing it is to live in this magical place and be able to work uninterrupted every day. mikela is making very good progress on actionlab360, and our IT person, marc, will have our first prototype ready by april 1, allowing us to present the product to schools and investors at a whole new level.

the drawing, on a 12x60" piece of portrait linen, for parade 26.