continuing work on parade 23/2 rembrandt drawings / by Philip Tarlow

2:58PM update: so this is the current state of parade 23, 1st row left, with 3 details. i don't yet have certainty that it's resolved, but it's closer. i may work on the figure sitting on the bench, far left, and reduce the amount of white in the bottom center and left portion of the composition.

i'll know better where it's at on friday, when i'm back in the studio. tomorrow we have all day meetings in alamosa. but don't fear; i'll still post!

2:24PM update: SONG OF THE DAY= LIKE A ROLLING STONE, jimmy hendrix, live at monteray copy & paste to your browser to listen on youtube. the best!

below: two rembrandt drawings of women helping a baby learn to walk. i've studied his drawings carefully over the years. his economy of line is akin to that of the great chinese masters i so love, from the 9th to 11th centuries. notice the clever padded hat the dutch developed to prevent head injuries when the inevitable falls occurred.

making a drawing in 2004

today i'm continuing work on parade 23. taking it slow, so as not to screw this delicate painting up. pics will be posted when available, within the next few hours.

in the mean time, on the right is an image i discovered while browsing my folders for more shots from above.