sneak preview!/looking back/a day of prep / by Philip Tarlow

SNEAK PREVIEW i'm preparing the next 3 paintings. below are advanced peaks at what the images will be. they all derive from photos shot at MOMA in NYC. i've already completed parade 22 (scroll down to my 1/28 post) and am, in process with parade 23. once i've completed the first four in the larger parade series, i'll be able to get a sense, as will you, of how the series is developing. once i've completed the first five or six, they will be shipped to gremillion in houston to be re-stretched and available for clients to view & purchase in advance of my scheduled november show. right now i'm about to begin the drawing for parade 23, 1st row left. i'll post it once it's complete.

below, row 1: left, image for parade 24  right, image for parade 25

row 2: left, preparing the linen for the drawing for parade 25  right, potential image for parade 26

today i'll be stretching a 48x48" canvas with the drawing i posted yesterday. i'm also going to research my images for future paintings in the parade series. i'm specifically looking for some shots i took some years ago looking down the central staircase at the met in NYC. this is today's looking back image, a detail from a painting titled christmas market, thision, which i showed in my 2010 exhibition at skoufa gallery in athens. below is the complete painting.