resuming work on parade 24 / by Philip Tarlow

3:09PM update: i decided to stop painting fro the day. the next area to be painted: the sketched-in woman in a coat, just below the figure on the left, requires that fresh morning energy, and after eating my delicious omelette, my energy is definitely below peak. this 48"x48" painting, as is true for all paintings, must be seen in person to be fully appreciated for what it is. for it's freshness; it's painterliness and, above all, for it;s mystery. no, this is not mailer's advertisements for myself. it's an evaluation i like to believe i would make, and do make for any work of art i experience in person. it breathes, which it simply can't do in digital format.

factoid: i read last night, in one of the articles my friend lewis sent me recently from houston, that the great impressionist dealer durand-rouel took out loans to pay for his artist's rent, food, etc. impressionist works, at least in that early period, were simply not selling. but he believed in them enough to provide for them so they could keep working. we're talking about such greats as monet, pissarro, et al.

1:17PM update: stage 2 of parade 24, below. i haven't had breakfast and it's almost 1:30, so i'm going to take an omelette break.

10:47AM update: yet another snowy day. we have officially broken the all time record for february snow fall, and have a very rare for our area AVALANCHE warning! i'm about to resume work on parade 24 in an amazing clean and organized studio, thanks to mikela. on the right above, an '80's photo of me in front of a limited edition lithograph with a self portrait by my mentor, friend and teacher, the late yannis tsarouchis.