stage 1: parade 24/recent collages/paintings hanging in our house/crestone on track to break all-time record for feb. snow/coffee diary / by Philip Tarlow

4:15PM update: i just added our grandson philip's gestural marks; to yesterday's post.

2:56PM update: started parade 24, gotta get to the P.O. before it closes....,ore about this painting later, when i'm back...

so we're back form elephant cloud, our local grocer, and can say a few more words about today's work on parade 24. it's based on another of the photos i took at MOMA in 2008. in my 2/26 post i looked back at parade 6, which has a more sketchy, playful attitude. i adopted that for this 48x48" parade 24 mostly because i was in that kind of mood this morning. as always, it felt so good to get back to work after being away...even for 24 hours, and after yesterday's automotive angst. 

i should be able to get to work first thing tomorrow, with no interruptions, so stay tuned.

by the way, last night i read a few more of the articles my friend lewis sends me form houston. i learned of the great rubens shows at the museum of fine arts in houston. the tapestries ar not as interesting to me as the studies. six of his studies in oil on wood for the Triumph of the Eucharist tapestries are on view, and from the comments i read by the prado curator, they are spectacular examples of rubens' painterly mastery. we should be in houston before the show closes in may, and i can't wait.

12:55PM update: below is a selection of recent abstract collages and parade series paintings hanging in our home. they change often, depending on what new ones i've completed. they represent a good look at my  two ways of working.

8:48am: woke up to about 4-5 inches of fresh snow. a new storm is moving in today, and all we need by the end of the month is another inch to break the all time record. denver has already broken it's all-time record for feb. snowfall totals.

about to make coffee: kenya nyeri kigwandi ab. it's characteristics: juicy sweet orange, grapefruit, plum and grape. citric brightness of ruby red grapefruit. bodied, bright and fruited sweetness. quote from, where i order our raw beans about 10 lbs. at a time, almost always african, usually ethoiopia, kenya or burundi.

planning on starting a new parade painting once i get to my studio. more later......