continuing parade 27/brush hairs in the pigment: a historical look / by Philip Tarlow

6:39PM update: here's where parade 27 is at. i got a lot done today before the skies darkened and the snow storm approached. i'm very pleased with how the bit below the railing turned out. i'm going to work more on this painting tomorrow, assuming there's enough natural light, which is unlikely given the weather forecast. otherwise, i'll stretch up the next two in line and use the opportunity to get some other work done that i've been putting off. 

i watched this beautiful interview with christo today.

1:12PM update: francis bacon on "crystalizing time"

brush hairs embedded in the pigment during this morning's painting

this morning as i was starting my continuing work on parade 27, i noticed an unusual number of brush hairs in the pigment, as i was scumbling pigment onto the linen with my escoda black sable #4 brush. 

after a bit of research, i found that vermeer, amongst others, had a similar problem. below is part of the text i found in a book on vermeer published on the occasion of an exhibition in the hague, netherlands and the national gallery in washington, d.c. in 1995-6.

my easel with parade 27 next to one of three large north windows

the late winter snow storm i spoke of yesterday and is now predicted to arrive here in the san luis valley tonight and continue into sunday night. as the skies darken, i feel an urgency to get as much done as possible while there's still enough natural light. i don't work on paintings in artificial light.

although i haven't yet published pics of todays progress, notice in this photo i just shot how the bottom portion of the composition is filling in.