continuing work on parade 27/weekend snowstorm/a year ago / by Philip Tarlow

this is as far as i got today. that feeling of falling into the space (see yesterdays post) is beginning to occur. more than some previous parade series paintings, this one has an airy, metaphysical quality that i like. the huge monet water lilies plays an important role, creating a kind of anchor for the rest of the space, with it's figures moving to some musical rhythm we imagine; characters in an evolving play.

i'm going to call it a day, clean my brushes and return to the house a bit earlier than usual to laze about with mikela and talk about actionlab360. we have an important meeting tuesday evening in denver  with our IT guy, mark and a friend of his who will be taking on some of the visuals on the developing site.

the talks between greece and the EU today in brussels were depressing. minister of economics varoufakis coined the perfect phrases when he spoke of "economic waterboarding" and of how greece has become germany's "debt colony," which is the polite way of saying "germany's bitch." lets hope he can sell the temporary agreement to the greek people when he returns. snap elections would be disastrous. increasingly,many feel the only way for greece to recover will be to exit the euro. that would be deeply stressful in the short term, but i think will seem like the right thing to have done after a year goes by and the shock of the initial impact has subsided.

STAGE 4: parade 27  32"x32"  oil on portrait linen

2:15PM: watch this 3 year old white belt:

DETAIL: parade 27  32"x32" oil on portrait linen (this is a painting in progress)

as i start work on parade 27, the light is fading, the clouds are gathering and we are predicted to have a weekend snow event coming down from the north. it's an extensive system and could produce anywhere from a few inches to over a foot. ours is a micro climate, so it's always impossible to predict. i love storms!

updates & pics as they become available, later this afternoon.

2/20/14 huang deconstructed 27x21cm. mixed media on paper

A YEAR AGO, LOOKING BACK: A YEAR AGO i was making a series of collages based on warm up exercises i did every morning while looking at 10th c. chinese calligraphy masters. i cut some of these collages into squares and arranged them randomly on a sheet of paper.

the work i did then has helped me enormously in developing the sense of space i believe i have in this parade series. if you are a collector and any of the work i discuss on my blog interests you, you can contact me at this email address: