starting the day with a bang! check out the varoufakis blog / by Philip Tarlow

4:32PM update:  below, the current state of parade 23, with 4 details below that. after painting 21 of the parade series in 16x16" format, this scale is continuing to be a new and sometimes frightening experience. as i said yesterday, i often have the feeling i'm actually in the space. i am having a rolling experience of letting go of my preconceptions of how this painting should look and remaining in the moment with it. as well, it's requiring me to maintain my initial hit of emotion about and enthusiasm for the image, something tsarouchis always said was key to making a successful painting. one remembers the MUSE in museum.

to be continued tomorrow, when i can jump right in instead of devoting my first morning energy to preparations for parade 24, as i did today. receiving confirmation of the november date for my solo show today was a gift, and has made me even more focused on my work. also today a second roll of the superb artfix L64U linen was delivered, which means i can make preparations not only for the next 5 paintings, for which i'll use the remainder of the first roll, but for the next six or seven. once those are complete, sometime this spring or summer, i'll have the bulk of the work for the gremillion show. and sometime next month, i'll start sending the first group to the gallery so they can be re-stretched and shown to clients.

and now off to elephant cloud, our local grocery, about 3 miles away in the town of crestone, where we'll do some food shopping for tonight.

12:51PM update: just now got confirmation that my parade series solo exhibition will take place in november, 2015 in the main gallery space at gremillion & co. fine art, houston, texas. exact dates tbd.

yanis varoufakis

i recommend you check out the blog site of yanis varoufakis, the new greek minister of finance. that's right, a minister of finance with a blog site! that tells you something right away. he is one cool guy, who looks like he may contribute to a seismic shift about to take place in the EU and, who knows, maybe even right here in the USA.

this morning i felt like jumping straight into action & saving my meditation for later. i didn't feel ready to continue parade 23 (see yesterday's post) so i launched into the drawing for parade 24, which will be 48x48" it's based on another of the photos i shot from above at MOMA in 2008. i kind of wish we could fly to NYC tomorrow so i could visit MOMA in time for the matisse cutout show and take a lot more photos from above, now that i know what i'm looking for. that's not going to happen, but we will be in denver towards the end of the month, and i plan a visit to MCA (denver's museum of contemporary art) where i'll see if there are angles that interest me, as well as a visit to the denver museum of art.

i'm diving into my morning meditation & then i'll decide whether to continue work on parade 23 or put the supports on the 48x48" stretcher bar so i can stretch that linen & attach the canvas with the drawing i just completed.