the sheer delight of living!/parade 26 final tweaks/drawings for parade 30 & 31 / by Philip Tarlow

4:50PM update: so i had juice to begin another drawing, for parade 31, which is 60"x60." mikela was here & helped me tack the canvas to the wall & make sure it was straight, then line up the image within the boundaries of the canvas. the one is also based upon a photo shot at the met in NYC, looking down from an upper floor. i'll complete it tomorrow morning, and then have only 3 more pieces of cut canvas to draw on. then i need to stretch them all, which will give me a total of eight stretched and drawn canvases to work on. that will give me the core of my november exhibition in houston.

3:32PM update:  working it on the drawing for parade 30, 48"x48" this is based upon a photo taken at the metropolitan museum in new york, which i have always thought of as my home away from home; my anchor. i'll begin the drawing for parade 31 tomorrow morning, and begin the process of stretching these new canvases so that i can begin painting.

12:08PM update: here's the final version, flipped upside down backwards. scroll down to my 10:58 update for details.

10:58AM update: listening to richard serra talking about space in a charlie rose interview, i FLIPPED parade 26 right to left upside down, so that the figures are now on the left. that enabled me,as i listened, to SEE the space of the painting in a fresh way and make some CRITICAL that now, it SINGS! i had been upset yesterday that mikela walked over to the studio and began plotting and measuring for her next round of improvements to the space, which have already made a huge difference. the space feels way bigger, and my eye is no longer distracted by extraneous stuff everywhere. but when she arrived, i was still in my morning reverie. my mind kicked in & i did some stupid things to the painting. but of course that was just a setup for todays tweaks! it's all a fucking setup guys.

pics of the tweaked painting soon, gotta eat some eggs first. by the way, remind me to tell you about my discovery of fennel tea!



I AWOKE this morning feeling delight and enthusiasm. delight at simply being alive and enthusiasm for the prospect of a full uninterrupted day in my studio, and the prospect of our educational product, actionlab360, finally seeing the light of day and beginning to positively affect students and teachers, that day is not far off. as it approaches, our fear and excitement grow.

still none of the predicted snow...maybe this afternoon and tonight. i'll be making a few tweaks to parade 26 before continuing to make drawings for new parade paintings on the cut pieces of portrait linen.

as i work, i'll be listening to richard sera's interview, "why make art?" on youtube, as well as his charlie rose interview and more.

updates as they occur....