continued work on "parade 26"/approaching snow/watch tour / by Philip Tarlow

3PM update: here's the current state of parade 26, which may be complete.

the large area to the left of the 2 figures has been pushed back by introducing a a subtle warm reddish grey tone with faint blue accents which the mind immediately reads as a marble floor. notice how, in the previous state earlier this morning, the dead white linen in that left quadrant gave the appearance of being equal in height, detracting from the illusion of depth suggested by the figures viewed from above. so that's what i mean by "pushed back."

parade on skoufa street  32x40"  oil on portrait linen  2010  private collection, athens

and now, once i clean my brushes, i'll move on to the next drawing on the cut linen pieces. this next one will become parade 30. parade, the title of this series, by the way comes from two paintings i made for a 2010 solo exhibition at skoufa gallery in athens, greece. they were based upon a series of photos taken the previous year from a second floor balcony overlooking a parade on skoufa street, where the gallery is located. as i worked on the first of these two paintings, i remembered my enthusiasm for painting foreshortened figures, which can be traced back to my early years as an artist.

parade 26 at 3PM 

1:28PM update: i worked into yesterdays version and took a few risks. so far so good. in person, the painting now has an air of mystery and expectant drama. the fly caught, millions of years ago, in amber. wings spread; head cocked; in this case, an interaction about to take place, a backpack with unknown contents. 

that's the apparent drama. the real action is taking place in hundreds of brushstrokes traversing a flat white surface and informed by millennia of strokes on surfaces, flat and otherwise. all emerging from a primal need to make marks: meaningful, playful; exuberant...............

14,300 ft. crestone peak as seen from my studio 2/14, 5:20PM

9:30AM: getting a late start. here's a shot of yesterdays sunset sky, presaging snow moving in tonight and tomorrow. tomorrow is a critical day in talks between greece and the EU, for those of you following it. if you watched the video and read the article in the guardian (link is in yesterdays post), you will know just how important the results might be not just for greece & the EU, but for the world economy. more updates once i get to my studio & start working.

DAY 1 of the watch tour: today i'm wearing my suunto core crush. i rotate wearing my watches often, sometimes daily. i tend to wear this one either when we're hiking, to check our altitude & rate of ascent, or when, like today, we're expecting a storm and i can track the fall in barometric pressure, as you can see below right. a bit more about this watch later, after i meditate.

BELOW: parade 25 ready to be hung in the house. i'm going to take down the collage currently on the wall; one of a series i shoed at gremillion in 2013.

the newly completed parade 25. it will take the place of a 2013 collage,which will be taken down: a clear representation of my two concurrent styles.