varoufakis interview you should watch/starting work on parade 26 / by Philip Tarlow

1:48PM update: i think i was right to over-ride my feeling of wanting to leave it as is (below) and press in. my energy is waning a bit, but i think i'll do one more round before calling it a day and continuing with my process of making drawings for 5 more paintings for which the canvas has been cut. this will be a first for me; having 9 stretched canvases with drawings, ready to paint. very exciting! an exhibition takes form, and you were there to witness it! this blog allows me to be far more focused than might have been possible without it. just imagine for a moment what it would have been like to have had such a history, for example, of vuillard's process.

2:04PM: that's it for today. i'm going to clean my brushes and start another drawing. by the way, can you tell just how much i love this long narrow shape? it runs through my work going all the way back.

12:44PM update: this is where it's at. SO tempting to leave it as is. SO tempting. as i listen to the varoufakis talk (scroll down to the link) i feel something deep in my gut that says "LEAVE IT AS IS!" and another voice that says "just a little bit more. just a little......."

stay tuned my friends....


be sure to watch the video, but know that it's about an hour long. scroll down the article to find the video. in it yannis varoufakis, finance minister in the new greek syriza administration,  brilliantly lays out why you CANNOT separate economics form your view of what life is. this is no ordinary finance minister. he's an extremely good speaker, presenting sometimes exotic perceptions in everyday language and seeming, to me at least, to have the presence of a zen master while being completely "normal."it's great how he uses film metaphors to make his points....see for yourselves....

it's still early and i'll post more once i'm in my studio. i'm thinking of starting a 12x60"-er...which i did the drawing for on 2/6-7 (scroll down for the post)