moby dick/today's look-back/continuing "parade" series drawings on portrait linen / by Philip Tarlow

4:44PM update: i completed this drawing for parade 29 on portrait linen. it's from a photo i took in 2004 of the MOMA sculpture garden with figures. piccaso's goat is in the lower central portion. i think i may start painting again tomorrow & continue the drawings once i'm through my fist burst of energy. mikela is continuing to create order out of chaos in my studio. so we've both had it for the day. i'll comment on the 13 photos below once we get back to the house.

scroll all the way down in this post for my moby dick comments. make sure to read the quotes.

TODAY'S IMAGES: make the images full screen & mouse over to see my comments.

today i'd like to complete the drawing for parade 28 and make 2 more on the newly cut canvas. ambitious, but possible.

today's look-back: a collage on canvas, 18x78", created in 2013. other collages in this series were part of my solo show at gremillion & co. fine art, houston in 2013. it's hanging beneath a countertop in our kitchen area. the countertop was created by german woodworker giorgio. on the right, a ceramic vase created in collaboration with ceramic artist susan watt in houston. the visible gaps in our maple flooring are a result of our excessively dry climate. they bug the hell out of us and need to be filled.

my two copies of moby dick

moby dick has been my favorite book since i can remember. two copies are always by my bed. when the ramblings of the new yorker or rolling stone begin to get  to me, i reach for moby dick. it had no success when it was published, and it was only after melville's death that it took off and became what is generally acknowledged as the great american novel. when our grandson philip reached the age where he could understand, in athens, i translated it for him, bit by bit, into greek as a bedtime story.