parade 23 continues/rembrandt's artemisia/tarlow under-dressed/today's look-back / by Philip Tarlow

2:24PM update: last night & the night before i didn't get enough sleep, so right about now i run out of steam. the good thing about that is that i can only work on this painting with my first fresh energy. sometimes, if my energy is high, i go past where i still have the chi, which is very different from physical stamina. it's my gut, core, sensual-sexual dare i say cosmic connection to what i'm doing. it's the flow, the kringle; the floosum; the peakenomatic fleezaphonic. you understand.

i will say no more and perhaps, if i'm up for it, give you an overview of today's omelette break reading, about rembrandt's artemisia (also called sophonisba) which he painted in 1634the author, julia lloyd williams, gives us a compelling insight into this painting and the story behind it, as well as some stunning descriptions of rembrandt's textures and colors in this great work, which is housed in the prado, madrid.

11:30AM update: 

last night we attended a democratic party event in saguache, on the other side of the valley, about 35 miles west of us. as i looked around, i felt self conscious, being the only male sans cowboy hat! so now i'm going to have to get one; to be one of the guys, and keep the sun out of my eyes to boot! by the way, the lump in the left cheek of the guy in the far left photo is chewing tobacco. don't think i'm quite ready for that one.


getting a late start today. about to meditate then return to work on parade 23. pics when available, as usual.

xanadu way 32x32" mixed media on canvas

about a year ago, in march 2014, i made this 32x32" collage in mixed media on canvas. it's one of the more successful pieces in this series, and it's what we see every night and morning, as it hangs opposite our bed. every so often, i turn it 90 degrees, just to have a new experience.