at work again, at work again, thank god almighty, at work again / by Philip Tarlow

3:20PM: i suddenly got very tired, plus the light is fading, so i'm stopping here. working on this series on this scale continues to be challenging and thrilling. especially this one, where i feel like i'm falling into the vast MOMA space as i paint. it's once again tempting not to "fill in" all the spaces and leave open, white space allowing the viewer to create his or her own version of the space and as a reminder that these are just marks on a surface. "ceci," as magritte said, n'est pas une pipe!"

2:17PM update: below left, the painting at 12:45pm, and on the right how it looks right now, at 2:18PM.

12:18 UPDATE: painting like a broomstick in a hurricane! 

MUSIC: Mississipi John Hurt. 

more pics later. it's a brilliant sunny colorado day. the san juans to the west are rolling out; the sangres to the east are crisp as a fifer's pipe and white as a ghost's shoulder.

pics later, as available.

12:45PM update: few things are as tender as mississipi john hurt singing i'll fly away. "no one else has talked the blues with such delicacy or restraint." robert christgau

12:50PM update:  some chips man. can't i just have some chips? where does "will the circle be unbroken" meet matisse? they must meet somewhere! or do they just meet in my mind? doesn't that count?