continuing work on grey 2/the guitar player / by Philip Tarlow

3 PM: here's where i'm stopping for the day. below are 2 stages of this painting: on the left, 12/25- stage 1, and today's state, on the right. there have been quite a few stages in between, but this should give you a good idea of my process. whereas, in the ano kato series (click ano kato on the menu bar, above) my process was more about filling in blank areas of the composition, in this series it's more about an all-over trial and error; painting an area, scraping it or painting over it; re-painting it, and so on.

on row 2 below: an example of how the ANO KATO process differs from the grey/vermeer series process. the painting i use as an example is MOMA 5, 44x44," currently at gremillion & co. fine art, houston.

1;25 PM: this is the longest i've worked on one of these vermeer series paintings. here's the current state: