more work this morning on grey 2/the guitar player / by Philip Tarlow

3:13 pm: stopping work for the day. it's in an interesting place, but by no means complete. i like where it's headed, and am very curious to see what happens tomorrow. i have no idea where i'll show this series; new york or amsterdam would be ideal though.

I can't wait to re-visit some of these vermeers in person, next time we're on the east coast. there's no doubt i'll spend at least an hour with each one. i think that, for us "painterly" painters, vermeer has shown us the way. I haven't yet dared tackle my favorite, "the love letter," which my mentor, the late yannis tsarouchis riffed on. but it's in my sights. what a knockout painting!!

I'm hoping we get to amsterdam soon, to visit the renovated rijksmuseum and have time with this painting .......






11am: work continues on grey 2/the guitar player. it hasn't yet reached critical mass. more later; i don't want to waste precious time. 

it's barely 11F outside so, in spite of my excellent in-floor heating it was a tad on the chilly side this morning in my studio, thus the wool cap.