re-work of grey 2/The Guitar Player / by Philip Tarlow

3:03 pm: here is stage 1 of the grey 3/the lacemaker. 48x24."

as i was painting and looking intently at vermeer's the guitar player, i found myself wondering whether or not he had a relationship with this gracefully beautiful woman. especially when i looked at her hands and fingers. it felt like he knew them intimately.

i'll continue tomorrow; right now i'm going to clean my brushes and join mikela for a bit of visioning our dreams for 2016-17.

1:02 pm: and what am i doing posting in prime painting time?

why, to express my excitement at the voracious bands of snow filled clouds moving with speed and grace across our valley. now blinding white sheets, now blue, azure blue sky, with a gale force wind sweeping clean dead roots and feeding gentle deer and elk who, impervious to the maelstrom, feed upon the succulent tips of our piñon pines which, if predictions are accurate, will be utterly gone within 50 years time.

and LO! as we speak the very drawing, the bones of this new painting have begun to emerge as if by some subtle majik. and she, with her brown ringlets and delicate fingers, strums us a tune, her gaze fixed upon.....

grey 3/the lacemaker is now complete & i'm preparing to re-work grey2, which will now become grey 2/the guitar player. here's the painting on my easel before starting to paint.