continued work on "grey 5/vermeer"...with trepidation...and casper the friendly ghost! / by Philip Tarlow

1:53 pm: we had friends to dinner last night. they liked grey 5/the lady with the pearl necklace a lot and when i said i was going to do more work on it cautioned me not to do too much. in the mean time, our friend chris, director of gremillion & co. fine art in houston, wrote about the detail you see on the right, which has since disappeared. he found it very distracting in an otherwise excellent painting. now, i hadn't noticed it but, i must admit, the passage he pointed out does, when you think about it, bring to mind casper the friendly ghost! 

so it was with some trepidation that i entered my studio today to continue work on this painting. as part of the process of taking it further, casper was painted over, and only shows up if you really look for him. but i do feel i had a good day, and grey 5/the lady with the pearl necklace improved significantly.

here are the two side by side;  compare them and see if you agree.