more work on "grey 5" / by Philip Tarlow

6:03 pm: i just now flipped the image 180, and i think it's vastly improved.

4:37 pm: once again, i can see more work is needed on this one. after such a long absence from my studio, i need to get my groove back. now that i've completed my actionlab editing, i'll be going to the studio earlier, and have more time to paint. i'm also thinking about continuing my ano kato series. i should have a clear stretch of time through the first week in january, and then again starting mid-january.

if you check out the details of grey 5, below, you may agree that there are some interesting passages. but as a whole, it doesn't yet hang together.

2:43 pm: it's an indescribable delight being back at work in my studio. indescribable. i did more work on grey 5, 38x38" which i'm painting over a pre existing collage.


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