what a detail reveals /another stunning sunset / by Philip Tarlow

4:58 pm: for the second day in a row, as we looked east from our deck, we experienced a spectacular few minutes just before sunset, as the sangre de christo peaks glowed orange/red

9:12 am: now that i'm limiting morning coffee to one thermos, i'm getting an earlier start. until i come out the other side from these flu symptoms, i'm trying to get as much editing done as possible, so we can give the curriculum to our IT team to load & begin testing it in the schools. right now there are just 3 schools. before you know it that number will multiply. and then, before you know it we'll have our first sales.

the chapter i just finished editing is called stay simple. it's about falling in love with the details as you develop your project. paying attention at a deeper level. slowing down.

that inspired me to isolate these 2 details of grey 4. what do they reveal about who i am, what i care about? right off the bat: subtlety; biomorphic shapes; muted, suggestive color; underlying simmering sexuality; the wisdom of the unconscious mind; mystery; playfulness; a love of the informed accident; marks pregnant with suggestive meaning that reveal and embody a love for the entire history of art.....