snow today / the process of documentation begins... / by Philip Tarlow

12:10 pm: in yesterday's post i spoke of my awakening to the need for documentation of my career as an artist. obviously, even if i had help, it can only be done incrementally. and i'm going to have to balance it with work on new projects. this is the sky earlier today; the snow will begin later this afternoon & continue through tomorrow night.

and here are a couple of the slides i found, shot very poorly. the only way these transparancies can be accurately digitized is professionally, which is what i'll do. on the left, a painting from about 1983, of 57th street, now in a corporate collection in nyc. on the right, a really lousy image i shot with my iphone of a transparency of an important 1977 painting of myself with some of the construction workers i was painting at that time in athens. of course this is just the very tip of the iceberg. much work ahead.