starting "ano kato 54" today / by Philip Tarlow

4:28 pm: i KNEW iwasn't feeling complete with this painting for the day. there was more i needed to do. just then, the sun broke through, light came streaming through my big north windows, and i was able to bring ano kato 54 to a much better place. the outline/drawing in blue on the legs is interesting, isn't it? reminds me of what ron gremillion, owner of the gallery in houston where the 22 paintings in this series will be shown next month, said to me last week as we reviewed the images online. RON: so philip, these are abstract paintings......PHILIP: you just made my day, ron.

3:13 pm: it's a wrap. the skies darkened and the rain began falling. i'll continue tomorrow.

1:19 pm: here's stage 1 of ano kato 54, which is 32x72"

 continuing to work; more when i wrap for the day.





11 am: cloudy & chilly; in my studio ready to squeeze colors onto my palette & begin painting. trying not to think about the logistics of getting the 22 paintings to houston till later today. pics of the first stage as they become available.