more accurate shot of grey 3 / starting grey 4. / by Philip Tarlow

1:38 pm: ready to clean up & go walking. this one is already extremely evocative, suggesting plant and animal forms, dragons and elves. as you may be able to detect, i'm in an ecstatic place, and have zero regrets at having begun the process of re-working this 2014 collage. many artists including matisse have gone back again and again to paintings they were just not satisfied with. a decade ago, i wouldn't have understood that.

this is one of those paintings that has such subtle modulations of tone & color that it really needs to be seen in person.




12:49 pm: stage 1 in the process of transforming grey 4 from it's original 2014 state to something new and unknown. the canvas is 48x48" on the LEFT, the original 2014 state before starting work today. in the MIDDLE, scraping and lifting pieces of collaged paper which have lifted up and formed air bubbles from my application of fresh acrylic paint and the water accompanying that. on on the RIGHT, the current state of the painting.

i'm going to continue work for another 45 minutes or so, when mikela and i will take another ling hike up north crestone creek on this magnificent day.

11:40 am: as i wrote yesterday, the light was poor when i ended my painting day. as a result,i was forced to shoot yesterday's pic using artificial lighting, which gave the image a warmer, yellowish cast. here's what i shot just now, which is much closer to the original.

i'm getting to work now on another 2014 collaged canvas, and i'll post pics as work progresses.

grey 3  48x24"  mixed media on canvas