a new bean / working on "grey 3" today / by Philip Tarlow

grey 3, 24x48"  mixed media on canvas, at 3 pm today

1:59 pm: here's where i'm stopping work on grey 3 for today. it may be resolved and, as usual, i'll know tomorrow morning when i walk into the studio and do my first glance. i deiberately don't look at it till my eyes have adjusted to the light & i've removed my shades. then i shoot a glance. quick. and i know.

i had given up on it about an hour ago, so i took a break, drank some water and dove back in. the process is where it's at, and today it was sloppy, messy, vigorous..... bordering on punching a hole in the fucking canvas. thanks to the pioneers who allowed us to play. BELOW: 2 details

12:37 pm: grey 3 PROCESS: i posted yesterday about my process of tearing collaged paper from the dampened canvas. more of that happened today, just a few minutes ago, and here's what it looks like. notice how the white surface revealed under the paper has the shape of a bird in flight. cool. but can i become attached to preserving this bit at the expense of the whole? nope!

and now, back to the painting.

this is the new bean. we prefer ethiopians.the post card is always included in the shipment; a different one each time.

11:20 am: today i'll be going back in to grey 3. the current state of grey 3 can be seen below.

it's a fantastic day, so this afternoon mikela and i plan on walking up north crestone creek, as far as we can get. she's had a cold, which settled in her chest, so we'll just pace ourselves & see where we get.

on the actionlab front, our IT team, marc & ken are very close to having the BETA ready; an exciting prospect after all this time. they're promising it by early november, when we'll get it to the 3 schools we're piloting it in so the kids can start using it to create their projects..

10:14 am: yesterday we received a shipment of unroasted beans from our supplier in oakland, sweetmarias.com. two of them are beans we've never before tried. tomorrow morning, mikela and i will try it out & report. from tom's description on the label (a full page, unbelievably detailed evaluation of this bean is available on the site) it promises to be a treat!